3 Common Signs That Your Brake Rotors Are Warped

Your brakes are made up of a couple of different components. One of those components are your brake rotors. ­­Your brake rotors are what the brake pads clamp onto in order to stop your vehicle.

Over time, your brake rotors can become warped. When your brake rotors become warped, they can't provide you with the same level of performance or protection that you would expect to get out of your brakes.

Luckily, there are a few common warning signs you will notice when your brake rotors become warped.

Warning Sign #1: Vibration In Your Brake Pedal

When you press on your brake pedal, it should be a smooth process. You should feel some resistance as you press on the pedal. However, you shouldn't feel any vibrations when you press on the pedal.

If you are feeling vibrations when you press on your brake pedal, the most likely cause is the brake rotors are warped. You may feel vibrations in your brake pedals when you apply a little bit of pressure, or you may notice more when slowing down from high speeds, depending on the way the rotors are warped.

Warning Sign #2: Vibration in the Steering Wheel

The brake pedal may not be the only place where you feel the vibrations. Your brake rotors, along with the brake calipers, are attached to your vehicle's wheels via a spindle. So when you press on your brakes and your brakes create a vibration, you may be able to feel that vibration as it moves through your brake calipers, through your tires, and then to your steering wheel.

Steering wheel vibrations due to warped brake rotors are more commonly felt when braking after you have been driving fast.

Warning Sign #3: Strange Noises

When everything is going right with your brakes, they tend to operate quietly. When things are not going right with your brakes, they tend to start making noises. When your brake rotors are warped, your brake pads are not able to make constant contact with the rotors when you press on your brakes. Instead, the brake pads skip over an uneven surface. This can cause your brakes to emit a strange sound, which can vary based on the wear on your breaks, from a low-pitched sound to more of a thumping sound.

If you notice a vibration in your brake pedals or your steering wheel when you are braking, combined with a strange noise, it is time to get your brake rotors checked out. If they are warped, they either need to be sanded down or replaced.

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