New Or Used: Advantages Of Buying A New Car

New or used? That's the question that a lot of people ask themselves when shopping for a vehicle upgrade. There are plenty of advantages to buying pre-owned cars. For example, you can enjoy some cost savings and enjoy less devaluation when you take the car home. But there is a good case for buying new as well. Here are some advantages to getting a new car instead of a used car. 

1. You know the maintenance history.

This is a big advantage. When you buy used, sometimes you don't know how the previous owner cared for the car. For example, did they stay on top keeping the oil changed and the tires aligned? Did they replace basic parts, such as brake pads, on time so there isn't wear on the brake calipers? These are all new when you buy new, so you can make sure the vehicle is beautifully maintained from the beginning, saving yourself money on repairs down the road. 

2. You have the full warranty. 

When and if things do go wrong, with a new car you have the best warranty possible. Some pre-owned cars come with warranties as well, but those might be limited or might not cover as much as a new car warranty does. A warranty can save you money on repairs. If you buy a used car that has no warranty, you have to foot the bill yourself. 

3. You have more reliable driving miles before any problems begin.

If you need a reliable car for a longer commute, a new car might be a good idea. The first several thousand miles of a new car are relatively problem-free. After a certain point, the miles begin to mean more in terms of wear and tear, and you'll have more repairs sooner. If you buy new, this gives you more time to save for inevitable car maintenance costs before you actually need any repairs. This way, when repairs happen, you can sometimes avoid the panic that comes from the high bill cost. 

4. You can get the newest safety features. 

Newer cars have the latest safety technology. If you have young children or drive in a high-risk area, these features can be lifesaving. For example, backup cameras are now standard in all new cars. An older car might not have this technology installed. 

For more information on new Hondas or other new cars, contact a dealership in your area. 

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