Ensure That Your Used Car Still Offers These Modern Features

When some people think of buying used cars, they might think about an older model that may be affordable but isn't necessarily enjoyable to drive. The reality, however, is that you can easily buy a used car that is just one or two model years old and has low mileage, which gives you the feeling that you're buying a vehicle that is nearly new. A big advantage to buying a used car from just a model year or two ago is that you can find a vehicle that offers a number of modern features that will keep you safe and make you enjoy your time behind the wheel. Here are some features that you'll want to look for in your used car.

Side Airbags

Although many older vehicles have front-impact airbags, newer cars will also have airbags that protect you in the event of side impacts. Modern vehicles can protect you with a variety of airbags located around the vehicle, which will give you the peace of mind that you'll be safe in the event of a serious collision. With used vehicles, make sure that you always get authoritative proof that the vehicle's airbags have not been deployed. Or, if they have, that they've been repacked by a certified expert. Any reputable dealer will be able to give you this information.

Smartphone Connectivity

Many newer models of cars, including those that you can find on the used market, will allow you to connect your smartphone while you drive. Basic features include being able to take phone calls over your car's speaker system, while more advanced features give you a screen in the center console that mirrors your smart device's screen when the two are synched up. You can often find this popular feature, which will especially be handy if you drive a lot, in used models that have higher-end options.

Backup Camera

A desirable feature of many newer vehicles is a backup camera. If you're not overly confident once you shift your vehicle into reverse, the presence of a backup camera connected to a screen on the center console can give you a better idea of what is behind you. Although you can add an aftermarket camera system to a vehicle that doesn't come equipped with one, it's better to simply find a used car that suits your budget and already has this handy feature that will make you feel safer.

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