Looking To Buy A Used Car? Learn The Differences Between The Types Available And Which Is Best For You

There are many benefits to buying a used vehicle. One of the biggest benefits is that the price of a used vehicle is much less than the price of a newer vehicle. However, it is important that you realize that not all used vehicles are the same. Who you buy the vehicle from and what type of used vehicle you buy can impact the price of the car and your rights if the car needs major repairs. Here is some information you should know as you begin the process of looking for and buying a used car.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

One of the types of used vehicles that you can purchase is a certfied pre-owned vehicle. These types of vehicles are inspected, refurbished and certified by a manufacturer-approved certification company. Typically, this is done by mechanic's at their dealerships. For example, if you are looking to buy a pre-owned Ford, a Ford dealership is going to offer Ford certified pre-owned vehicles. The benefit to buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is that you know the vehicle has been inspected for problems and any problems have been repaired using factory-certified parts and standards. A certified pre-owned vehicle may also come with a longer warranty than other used cars from the dealership and may qualify for lower interest rates than other used cars. The downside to buying this type of used car is that they may be higher in price than used vehicles that are not certified.

Used Car From a Dealer

Another way to buy a used car is to purchase it from a dealer. A dealer is considered to be anyone who sells five or more cars per year. Generally speaking, dealers are held to higher standards when selling used cars than private parties are. Depending on the state you live in, you may be covered by lemon laws or used car buyer's rights when you purchase a vehicle from a dealer, rather than a private party. Unless a used car is sold as-is, which must be clearly noted on the buyer's guide on the used vehicle, there is an implied warranty that the car is fit for transportation. If the car has severe mechanical issues or needs work to make it safe and operable, you may be entitled to the cost of the repairs or even your money back. As such, used car dealerships inspect the vehicles they buy and sell and repair any problems. However, they may or may not use factory authorized parts or follow manufacturer's recommendations. Buying a car from a used car dealer gives you some protection when buying a used car, while still allowing you to buy the car for less than you likely would if you bought a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Used Car From a Private Party

The last option you have for purchasing a used vehicle is to buy it from a private party. This means that you are buying it directly from the person who owns it and has driven it for the past few years. They do not sell cars regularly; they are simply everyday people who want to get rid of the vehicle they have. When you buy a car from a private party, you can typically get the best possible price for that vehicle. However, when you buy a car from a private party, the car is typically sold as-is and you have very little legal protection if the car breaks down or has multiple problems. Having someone knowledgeable about cars inspect the vehicle before you purchase it can help protect you against this happening to you, as can test driving the vehicle and checking the history of the vehicle to find out if it was involved in any major accidents.

When you are in the market for a used vehicle, you have three primary options. You can buy a certified pre-owned vehicle, a non-certified vehicle from a dealer or a used car from a private party. There are pros and cons to all of these options, such as costs and warranties. Learning about each option and weighing the pros and cons will help you decide which type of used vehicle makes the most sense for you.

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